Ellen Feiss Is, Like, In a Movie

Mac commercial cult icon, Ellen Feiss, is making her move to the big screen in a French short film titled Bed and Breakfast. Ms. Feiss plays Laura, part of an American couple that visits France and is drawn into a dangerous fantasy world. The production company is being secretive about any additional details.

Bed and Breakfast was filmed in 2005, and is scheduled for release this summer.

Ms. Feiss was 15 when she earned her fame in a Mac Switch commercial by saying her fatheris PC "was like, beep beep beep beep" before devouring her school paper. There was speculation that she was under the influence of some mind altering substance during the commercial shoot, although she claims that her physical appearance was the side effect of taking the allergy medication Benadryl.

The Ellen Feiss Switch commercial is available on Google video.