Ellipsis Releases New Smiley Icon Utility For iChat

Ellipsis Productions has released new app for iChat users, iChat Emotionmaker 1.0. iChat Emotionmaker is a utility designed for the customized creation of "smiley" icons for use with iChat and Proteus. The app features simplified smileypack creation and drag-and-drop support. According to Ellipsis Productions:

Today Ellipsis Productions released iChat Emotimaker 1.0.

iChat Emotimaker is a handy, new product that no iChat user should be without! For just $7, this new product is designed to allow you to use custom sets of smilies with iChat, Appleis great instant messaging client. It allows simple creation, editing, saving, and installing of smileypacks directly into iChat. All you do is create a new file, type in a name and ASCII representation for each smiley, and then simply drag and drop the images you want for your smilies into iChat Emotimaker. Nothing could be easier.

In addition, if you donit use iChat but use Proteus instead, another great instant messaging client, youire in luck! iChat Emotimaker uses the same easy-to-use interface to create Proteus ".emoticons" files, which are custom-designed add-on smileypacks for Proteus that anyone can create and use!

You can find more information about the iChat Emotionmaker release at the Ellipsis Productions Web site. iChat Emotionmaker is available for US$7.00.