Email Client Update From Bains

Bains Software has released an update for Mail Beacon, bringing it to version 1.4.2. Mail Beacon is an email client app designed for the sending/receiving and management of email. The update includes a bevy of fixes and enhancements. According to Bains Software:

Bains Software has just released a major update to the mail checker/online email client Mail Beacon.

Mail Beacon can check an unlimited number of POP3 & IMAP accounts for new mail, and can also view/delete/filter mail on server without downloading any messages.

Mail Beacon alerts you when new messages arrive and/or when messages are deleted. It can also filter email without downloading it, and acts as an online email client. Mail Beacon supports both POP3 & IMAP4.

Changes in 1.4.2:

  • Fixed a bug related to the Programs feature
  • Fixed an IMAP bug
  • Fixed a bug related to account preferences
  • Fixed two bugs that caused Mail Beacon to quit with an error type 2
  • You can now print messages
  • Fixed a longstanding SMTP bug
  • The icon in the "View Button" now changes to an "Opened Envelope" when the selected message has yet to be viewed
  • Many interface changes
  • Rebuilt Mail Beacon with REALBasic 3.5.2
  • Other small changes
  • Finally finished the new docs

You can find more information about the Mail Beacon update at the Bains Software Web site. Mail Beacon 1.4 is available for US$10.00.