Email Magician Update From YAV Interactive

YAV Interactive Media has released an update for Email Magician, bringing it to version 1.4. Email Magician is an Eudora email utility designed for mail management and monitoring. The update ships with improved features including export of Eudora mailboxes to FileMaker Pro. According to Yav Interactive Media:

YAV Interactive Media is pleased to announce a major update to Email Magician, their popular utility for Eudora® Mac. The new version 1.4 adds options to export Eudora mailboxes to FileMaker Pro™. Email Magician will strip html tags during the process if you desire. Depending upon mailbox size and speed of your computer, Email Magician will export between 20 and 80 messages per second, assigning the header elements and message body to appropriate fields.

The new version also institutes an upgrading process that will allow users to download small updater files for future upgrades, rather than having to re-download the entire 2.5 MB package.

You can find more information about the Email magician update at the Yav Interactive Media Web site. Email magician 1.4 is available for US$35.00.