Email Magician Update From YAV Interactive

YAV Interactive Media has released an update for Email Magician, bringing it to version 1.5. Email Magician is a Eudora email utility designed for mail management and monitoring. The update includes over 1,000 spam filter characteristics. According to YAV Interactive Media:

Email Magician 1.5 more than doubles the number of spam filters of previous versions. In this new version of YAVis popular utility for Eudora® Mac, spam filters test for approximately 1,000 spam characteristics that may be present in incoming mail, thus keeping your mailboxes uncluttered.

In addition to these built-in spam filters, the program also offers Spammer Address Collection, an option that tracks spammers (up to about 1,250) who may be targetting you in particular, and trashes their messages before they even hit the other spam filters.

By detecting who you correspond with regularly, Email Magician automatically creates filters, mailboxes, and address book entries for Eudora. The program also automates many tasks related to archiving email messages, and optimizing your Eudora folder.

You can find more information about the Email magician update at the YAV Interactive Media Web site. Email Magician 1.5 is available for US$35.00.