Email Magician Update From YAV Interactive

YAV Interactive Media has released an update for Email Magician, bringing it to version 1.5.1. Email Magician is an Eudora email utility designed for mail management and monitoring. The update includes both spam and HTML filter improvements. According to Yav Interactive Media:

Email Magician 1.5.1 improves both spam filtering and HTML filtering. In this new version of YAVis popular utility for Eudora® Mac, it is easy to direct spam to a new "EMM Possible Spam" mailbox. Where applicable these new spam filters are automatically placed before HTML filters. Additionally, Version 1.5.1 greatly enhances HTML filters and assures that HTML exclusions are properly excluded in all cases.

This closely follows a series of updates since the turn of the year which doubled the number of spam characteristics filtered to 1,000, and added fast exporting to FileMaker Pro™.

You can find more information about the Email magician update at the Yav Interactive Media Web site. Email magician 1.5.1 is available for US$35.00.