Email Merge For OS X Now Shipping

Sig Software has released an OS X version of Email Merge. Email Merge is a utility designed for combining email information for numerous recipients. The app features support for FileMaker importing and email verification. According to Sig Software:

Sig Software is proud to announce the release of the OS X native version of Email Merge, its popular email merging application.

Email Merge is a program for creating mailings of individualized email messages. It combines a database and an email message template to create customized email messages. Email Merge can be used for invoicing, sales, list management, student grading and even personal messages.

The email messages are created in the useris email program, allowing them to be viewed and verified before they are sent. Email Merge supports Entourage, Eudora, Mailsmith, PowerMail, QuickMail Pro, Outlook Express and Emailer.

Email Merge can import databases directly from text files or FileMaker Pro and includes many database features such as sorting and finding duplicates. It allows messages to be sent with attachments and can send HTML emails with Entourage or Outlook Express.

You can find more information about Email Merge at the Sig Software Web site. Email Merge is available for US$39.00.