Email URLs In Safari

Emailing a Web page URL to a friend directly from Safari is pretty easy to do in Tiger, but takes a little bit of prep work in Panther. Either way, you can make Safari create a new email message with the URL already included, ready to send.

In Tiger, choose File > Mail Link to This Page. You can also use the Command-Shift-I keyboard shortcut.

In Panther, you need to create a script that mimics the Mail Link command. Hereis how:

  • Open a new window in Safari.
  • Copy this command: [removed]location.href=imailto:?SUBJECT=i+document.title+i&BODY=i+escape(location.href)
  • Paste the command into the URL field in Safari.
  • Click the plus button to add a new bookmark.
  • Give the bookmark an appropriate name, like "email link"
  • Choose Bookmarks Bar from the pop-up menu.
  • Click the Add button.

Creating an email URL bookmark in Safari.

Any time you want to share the URL for a Web page you are visiting, just click "email link" in Safariis Bookmark bar. I found having an email link bookmark is so handy that I continue to use mine, even though My PowerBook runs Tiger.