Employee Time Tracking Package Update

Redcourt Software has released a new version of their time and productivity management tool, Virtual TimeClock Pro. Version 3.0 offers full compatibility with Net TimeClock allowing remote recording and management, and adds enhanced features like vacation days and wage tracking. According to Redcourt Software:

Redcort Software today released two brand new Macintosh? software products, Virtual TimeClock Professional Edition and itis companion network client, Net TimeClock.

Virtual TimeClock Professional Edition
Virtual TimeClock Pro is a full featured software alternative to mechanical employee time clocks. The new iProfessionali version is major update of Redcort Softwareis award winning original Virtual TimeClock software. The band new iProfessional Editioni features:

  • Activity/Project/Departmental time tracking,
  • Full network support & optional personal Net TimeClock client,
  • Vacation, sick leave, YTD hour and wage tracking,
  • All new interface & reporting,
  • Employee messaging system.

Net TimeClock
Net TimeClock is a personal network client for Virtual TimeClock Professional. Net TimeClock offers individual time clock functionality, messaging, and personal time card printing.

Virtual TimeClock Pro is available for US$129. You can find more information at the Redcourt Software web site.