Engadget: How to Play "Movies" on an iPod Photo

The folks at Engadget have put together a step-by-step guide to playing movies on an iPod photo. Thought it wasnit possible? Well, it really isnit--but with a bit of patience and low expectations you can pull it off.

The trick involves exporting a movies audio track to MP3 or AAC format while exporting frames of the movie as individual images. Copy both to the iPod photo, then view the photos in slideshow mode while the audio tracks plays in the background. Synchronization between the audio and images depends on how precise your index finger is.

Plenty of photos accompany Engadgetis article, as well as 12MB movie of the results thatis not to be missed.

While Apple has consistently dismissed any plans for a video iPod, arguing among other things that people donit want to watch movies on 2-inch screen, Engadget concludes, "the screens on the iPod are quite nice and if real movie playback was possible, it wouldn?t be that bad at all?-we?re hoping that Apple considers it, but if they don?t there are tons of alternatives."