Enhance Your Mac's Interface...For Cheap

Gregis Shareware as announced that their special holiday price for the popular collection of interface utilities, Gregis Bundle, has been extended through the end of the upcoming MACWORLD Expo. Gregis Bundle includes Power Windows, SmoothType, and Gregis Browser, and together these utilites can help give OS 9 some of the look and feel of OS X. According to Greg Landweber:

Gregis Shareware pleased to announce that the "Gregis Bundle" holiday offer has been extendedthrough January 12, the end of the San Francisco MacWorld Expo. This bundleincludes Power Windows, SmoothType, and Gregis Browser together for only$20, half off the usual shareware fees!

Power Windows (available separately for $10) is a control panel that letsyou drag windows as solid or transparent images instead of just a dottedoutline. It also has options for fading Finder windows (in place of the zoomrectangle animation), fading menus, and translucent menus!

SmoothType (available separately for $10) is a control panel thateffectively doubles the resolution of text on the screen by blurring theedges of bitmap fonts with shades of gray, a technique called"anti-aliasing". SmoothType offers greater flexibility and uses a moreaggressive smoothing algorithm than Appleis built-in font smoothing.

Users must register at the Kagi web site to take advantage of the special pricing. You can find more information at Gregis Shareware web site.