EnterpriseDB 2005 Comes to Tiger Server

EnterpriseDB Corp. has added support for for Mac OS X Server v10.4 "Tiger" to its relational database management system EnterpriseDB 2005, which is built on PostgreSQL but can run many enterprise-level Oracle applications unmodified. The solution features EDB Database Server, the RDBMS (relational database management system) engine, EDB Studio and a console for developers and database administrators. It also includes EDB Connectors, which enable EnterpriseDB to access content from JDBC, ODBC, .NET, ESQL/C++, OHO, Perl and Python.

EnterpriseDB 2005 is free for evaluation, development and low-volume deployment. Unlimited Web-based technical support is included with the free licenses. Enterprise software licenses and technical support are available at Silver, Gold and Platinum levels, with prices starting at US$1,000 per computer.