Eovia Ships Carrara 4

Eovia announced Monday that it has started shipping the international English edition of Carrara 4, its 3D rendering, modeling and animation tool for Mac and Windows.

The new version of Carrara 4 Standard has new terrain and sky modules, texture and lighting controls, improved rendering, inverse kinematics, motion paths and timeline support. A Pro version adds advanced features including sound support, 3D and vector motion blur, blurry reflections, extended import capabilities and more.

In addition to the new Carrara 4 features already announced, the shipping version includes an updated Scene Wizard, faster OpenGL, raytraced depth of field, shader transforms, the ability to apply shaders to a group, and more accurate physics on the Mac. Eovia Carrara 4 software supports design for motion media, print, and the web.

Carrara 4 was announced in August at the Apple Expo in Paris. Through November 30, Eovia will continue to offer a no-charge upgrade to Carrara 4 Pro for anyone purchasing a full physical version of Carrara Studio 3. Carrara 4 Pro is priced at US$599, with Carrara 4 Standard at $299.