Epic Releases Demo For Classic RTS Game, Earth 2140

Epic Interactive has just informed us that they have completed the demo for the classic futuristic RTS (real time strategy) game, Earth 2140.

The year is 2140.After numerous wars and several environmental disasters, only two world powers remain; the United Civilized States (UCS) covering the American continent, Western Europe and North Africa, and the Eurasian Dynasty (ED) covering the coherent landmasses of Eastern Europe and Asia. The damage caused by the long wars led both world powers to evacuate the population ..... you get the picture.

It may use a tired cliche for a premise, but this is a title that will definitely give RTS fans a run for their money. The title didnit receive as much attention as other more successful products, such as the Command & Conquer series, but it still has much to offer. Hordes of vehicles, a truckload of buildings, and multiplayer for up to 6 players.

You can download the demo from the Epic Interactive Web site and get a taste for what the full title will play like.