Epigroove Shipping New Recipe Utility

Epigroove has released a new app for Mac users, Kitchen. Kitchen is a utility designed for recipe cataloging. The app features support for recipe browsing and list printing. According to Epigroove:

Epigroove releases Kitchen 1.0.

Organize All Your Recipes

Are you tired of losing recipes and having to search through a stack of books to find them? Enter all your recipes into Kitchen, and youill never have that problem again. Browse and search your recipes for that perfect meal for any occasion.

Shopping Lists

Are you going to the store and wish there was an easy way to print out a list of all the items you need? Simply select all the recipes you have planned for the week, and Kitchen automatically generates a shopping list for you.

Email Your Recipes

Do you wish you could easily email recipes to your friends and family? Kitchen lets you send recipes at the click of the mouse

You can find more information about the Kitchen release at the Epigroove Web site.Kitchen is available for US$14.95.