Epson Releases Mac OS X Drviers For 4 Printers

Yesterday, Epson released much-anticipated OS X software drivers for its newest line of inkjet printers. A cursory glance at reveals that October 22 drivers have been released for the following printers:

Epsonis support page says that other printer drivers are scheduled for release over the next two weeks:

Stylus Photo 780, 10/29
Stylus Photo 890, 10/29
Stylus Photo 1280, 10/29
Stylus COLOR 980, 10/29

Stylus Photo 870, 11/5
Stylus Photo 875DC, 11/5
Stylus Photo 1270, 11/5
Stylus COLOR 900, 11/5

Epson also says that in upcoming weeks, OS X drivers will be released for the Stylus Color 740, 760, 860, 777 and 880, as well as for the Perfection scanners. For updates, visit Epsonis support page.