Eric Dahlinger Of PowerLogix On Tonight's Mac Show

Eric Dahlinger, marketing evangelist for upgrade manufacturer PowerLogix, will be the guest star on tonightis Mac Show. Not only will Mr. Dahlinger discuss the current and potential future standing of the upgrade business in general, and PowerLogix in particular, one listener will will a G4/400 upgrade card. According to The Mac Show:

Do you have an old Mac lying around? Wondering what to do with it? Everthought about upgrading it with a faster, better processor?

Well, on Wednesdayis Mac Show, Eric Dahlinger, Marketing Evangelist forPowerlogix will talk about the ins and outs of upgrading your Mac. Andsomeone will win a Powerlogix upgrade card!

Thatis right, Powerlogix will put up a G4 400MHz upgrade card (retail value- $399). The winner will choose between the ZIF or the daughtercardversions (depending on the preference of the winner). Tune in to find outhow to win!

In the Mac Game News segment with Peter Cohen of MacCentral, Peter willtalk to Jim Black of Nvidiais Developer Relations about their newlyannounced Mac products.

In Tech Tips, sponsored by Tech Tool Pro 3, Research Physicist & ProfessorViktor Decyk of UCLA will be on to talk about how easy it is to create yourvery own AppleSeed project! What is AppleSeed? Itis Personal ParallelComputing, your very own Plug and Play Parallel Processing!

In MacMediaPro with Mark Stevens, Tim Wilson of Boris FX will be along totalk Macs and how he uses them.

As always, there will be lots of prizes to be won and frivolity to be had.The Mac Show Gang has Podium CoolPads to give away, Subscriptions toMacDesign, Scott Kelbyis Down and Dirty Photoshop Tricks book, t-Shirts andwhatever else they can dig out of their Swag Bag!

You can tune into The Mac Show every Wednesday evening from 9-11:00PM EST.