Ericom Software Releases Power Term For OS X

Ericom Software has released a powerful terminal emulation package for OS X called Power Term Interconnect. This product allows "legacy, host-based applications" to run in Mac OS X, something that many businesses need to do. This from Ericom Softwareis press release:

Ericom Software announced today that it has released and made commercially available a version of the companyis industry-leading terminal emulation product, PowerTerm Interconnect, running natively on the Apple MAC OS X operating system. The addition of support for the MAC OS X operating system in PowerTerm Interconnect continues Ericomis commitment to providing powerful, easy-to-deploy terminal emulation software for Microsoft Windows, Apple MAC OS X and soon-to-be-released LINUX environments.

PowerTerm InterConnect is a fast, effective MAC OS X native emulator for running legacy, host-based applications from within MAC OS X. PowerTerm InterConnect supports the broadest and widest range of hosts on the market today, including support for IBM, Compaq, Digital, Unix, Tandem, Televideo, HP, SCO, Data General and more. PowerTerm Interconnect has more state-of-the-art features and faster response capabilities than any available competing solution. Features include customizable function keys, multiple concurrent sessions, menu bar, scalable and selectable fonts, intelligent copy and paste, FTP client, scripting, printing and more.

"Regardless of our customersi choice of desktop operating systems, Ericom can provide them with easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy, cost-effective products," commented Eran Heyman, CEO and Founder of Ericom Software. "The feature-rich MAC OS X edition builds on PowerTerm InterConnect?s proven and reliable history of providing seamless and efficient access to legacy host systems."

For more information and pricing, please stp by Ericom Softwareis Web site.