Error Code Translation Software Updated

Bleu Rose Ltd. has updated their Mac error code translation utility, Black & Bleu, to version 3.2. Both the standard and professional versions have been updated addressing several bugs and performance issues. According to Bleu Rose Ltd.:

Black & Bleu v3.2 is a minor update with no new features. Black & Bleu would sometimes fail to record the license key and make you enter it each time you used the application. Sometimes Black & Bleu would report error -44 at location 2 and fail to run at all. Black & Bleu would sometimes report that the license key was wrong even though it wasnit. This release fixes these problems.

For customers who have licensed v3.0 or v3.1, there is no charge for this update.

Black & Bleu 3.2 is an application that provides a brief description of over 5000 Macintosh OS error codes. The database includes a detailed analysis and offers suggestions for dealing with many of these errors. This is the most comprehensive list of Mac OS errors currently available anywhere.

Black & Bleu is available via electronic download for US$29, or on CD for US$41. Black & Bleu Pro is available for US$129 via electronic download or US$141 on CD. You can find more information, including differences between the standard and Pro versions, at the Bleu Rose Ltd. Web site.