Escape From Monkey Island & Rune Expansion Go Gold, B&W in Stores for PC, Kinghts & Merc

Mac Escape from Monkey Island has gone gold. Ported by Westlake Interactive, published by Aspyr Media, and developed by LucasArts, this game is the much anticipated sequel to the first Escape from Monkey Island. The 3D graphics in this title are stunning, so make sure to take a look.

Rune: The Halls of Valhalla expansion pack has gone gold. Developed on the Unreal Tournament engine by HumanHead, this Viking hack and slasher game has been expanded to include all new multiplayer maps and game types for those hungering for multiplayer mayhem. Strap on your horned helmet, grab your axe, and get ready for battle. In stores soon.

The big news today is that we have received and played our copy of Black & White for the PC from Lionhead Studios, and, by the gaming gods, this game is absolutely stunning. Itis level of complexity, genre busting premise, and open ended game play makes this game a sure bet for best game of 2001. We still donit have an official release date for the Mac version on the game. To get more details, visit the Black & White Web site.

Epic Interactive has announced that Knights and Merchants, a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game set in the Middle Ages, is coming to the Macintosh in May of 2001. According to Epic, Knights and Merchants can be classified as a strategic economy simulation, putting you smack dab in the middle of a crumbling empire as a Knight in the Kings Guard awarded the special task of rebuilding and re-uniting the fractured kingdom for your King. For more information visit Epicis Web site for Knights and Merchants.