Eternal Storms Releases flickery Public Beta

Eternal Storms Software has announced the immediate availability of the public beta of flickery, a native client for the Mac.

"flickery takes advantage of many of the new features Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard offers to provide users with the best experience possible. Browse all of flickris photos, view and comment on pictures of your friends or upload and manage your own photos and favorites. flickery lets you do all that with style," Matthias Gansrigler said.

flickery beta

flickery offers three ways of viewing photos: a thumbnail overview of the photos that shows multiple pictures at a time, a full-window-view which that shows one photo at a time in better detail and the full-screen view for flickris photos.

The user can also edit, crop and rotate then upload photos to a account.

The public beta runs until June 30, 2008. flickery is a Universal Application and requires OS X Leopard.