Eudora Pro (Finally) Gets A New OS X Beta

Eudora users, rejoice! After many long months without a new beta release of Eudora Pro for Mac OS X, the developers of the venerable e-mail app have at last done so. Version 5.1b18 has been released at the Eudora Web site, and the new release includes several bug fixes. From the ReadMe files that accompany the release:


  • To use Eudora 5.1 for Macintosh OS X, you must have the following:
  • Macintosh with a PowerPC processor capable of running OS X.
  • Macintosh OS X.
  • An Internet mail account which utilizes the POP3 or IMAP protocol with an Internet Service Provider or otherwise on the network.
  • Access to the mail account via a dedicated TCP/IP (Internet) network connection or via PPP dial-up networking through a modem.

Fixes release b18:

  • Fixed crash when finding in address book
  • Fixed save as CSV problem that would (sometimes) truncate values starting with certain letters
  • Donit allow colons or leading periods when renaming mailboxes from the mailbox window.
  • Reply quoting selection from Preview Pane now working.
  • Use <x-eudora-setting:353=y> to disable inline display of PDF images
  • Fixed crash when sorting mailbox by message status
  • Sorting during IMAP mailbox resync no longer results in duplicate messages.
  • Fixed crash when sorting mailbox by Who or Subject with non-ascii values
  • Fixed garbage printed at bottom of About Eudora box
  • Fixed sometimes crash creating a new IMAP mailbox.
  • Set up background color for text fields
  • Couldnit scroll long list of nickname addressed in Address Book
  • Make sure mailbox popup menus display on same monitor as the one containing the mailbox window
  • Mailboxes with a large number of messages might not display message summaries after changing a large number of message properties (such as state, label, etc.)

You can download the new release direct from the Eudora Web site. There is currently a discussion about the new release going on in our Mac OS X message boards.