European Camera Importing Available From Miglia Tech

Miglia Technology is now shipping the DV-INabler for video enthusiasts. The DV-INabler allows native video to be imported back into European model cameras. The DV-INabler bypasses the VCR only recording option and cuts down on the generation signal loss encountered when transferring video to VHS. According to Miglia Technology:

After considerable feedback from the market in response to the launch of Director’s Cut ‘Take2’ and its associated products, Miglia Technology are pleased to announce the availability of its latest product, DV-INabler.

Contrary to product shipped in the US and most of the rest of the World, DV Camcorders shipped in Europe typically have only DV-OUT enabled, this meant that for those users who wanted to import and edit their movies on their PC, the only ‘record’ solution was back to a VCR.

No longer is this the case, DV-INabler downloads the code required to activate the DV-IN functionality of your camera and therefore allows recorded and edited footage to be written back to the camera tape from your Windows PC or Macintosh.

Available for a wide range of Canon, Sony, Panasonic and JVC Camcorders, the Miglia DV-INabler requires no computer or software to run, it connects quite simply to the com port of your camera, and at the touch of a button,
activates the DV-IN record part of your camera. A touch of the same button at any time later will return your camcorder to its original state, and vice versa.

You can find more information about the DV-INabler release at the Miglia Technology Web site. The DV-INabler is available for US$109.00.