Even More Software Shoplifting: This Time, Sans iPod...

Remember last weekis daring escapade with the iPod in CompUSA? This little exposé over at MacMerc outlines an even more daring effort by a worthless thief to steal software from a Mac. An "Anonymous Coward" contributor writes:

It came to my mind after visiting the local Apple Store that a devious person could easily suck software (or any sort of file) off of the rows and rows of fabulous computers, each decked out with super high-speed internet access. At least at my local store the upstream is at least 50K/s which is pretty zippy. The downstream is blistering but we donit need to download anything to pull off this hack. Internet access on ALL of the computers seems really cool, you can check your email or send an iCard off from the mall. Ohhhh.... Ahhhh.... But to me I saw one thing and one thing only, FREE SOFTWARE.
It then goes into detail regarding the way to go about this, which - assuming it doesnit get yanked by the time you read this - you can read at MacMerc.com.