Ex And Veteran Apple Employees To Reunite At AppleLore

Itis sort of like a class reunion; or maybe a reunion of old platoon buddies or shipmates, people who have shared an experience together, but since gone their separate ways. No one will argue that the men and women who worked at Apple between 1976 and 1993 all shared a unique experience, so why not get them together and let the stories fly?

The Computer History Museum, in Mountain View, CA, will be hosting AppleLore; a gathering of Apple alumni, people who either still work at Apple, or those who have move on to other adventures. According to the article in Wired, at least one of Appleis founding fathers will be on hand. Steve Wozniak will show, but Steve Jobs wonit; as heill be in Paris. Other Apple notables will also make an appearance. From the Wired article, Good Apples, Bad Apples Reunite:

Maxine Graham, an ex-Apple marketing executive and a member of the planning committee, estimated that about half of Appleis upper management will either attend or record a video interview for the museumis archives.

Graham said former CEOs John Sculley and Mike Scott are both coming, and Michael Spindler may also attend, though thatis not confirmed yet, she said.

Mike Markkula, Appleis original angel investor, is likely to attend, as is Appleis best-selling marketing executive, Guy Kawasaki. Jean-Louis Gassée, one of the most colorful Apple executives, will not, but he has promised to record a video interview, Graham said.

"It looks like itis going to be a really nice mix of people, going all the way back to 1976," Graham said.

The event is scheduled for September 13. Read the full article at Wired.