Excel Software Shipping QuickHelp For Macintosh

Excel Software has released a Mac version of QuickHelp for software developers. QuickHelp is an authoring utility designed for creating help files and topics for virtually any platform. The utility ships with support for both Classic and OS X. According to Excel Software:

Excel Software today announced the availability of QuickHelp for Macintosh.

QuickHelp is a development tool for creating and deploying application help to Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Windows 95 through XP and virtually all Linux distributions.

QuickHelp is unique in its ability to manage, author and test help topics in a single tabbed window running on your platform of choice, then deploy the help system to virtually any computer.

Simplicity and productivity replace complex html tag editing, cumbersome topic management, time-consuming build and test approaches and different authoring and deployment tools for each platform. Help information resides in an XML file distributed with a native viewer executable for each platform.

QuickHelp consists of a QuickHelp Builder for authoring help systems and a QuickHelp Viewer for deploying them to end-users. For the end-user, QuickHelp supports a table of contents, an index with automatic search field, word searches across topics, color highlighted topic text with hypertext links, formatted images and context sensitive help from application menus and dialogs. From the Contents panel, the user can view, expand or collapse topics. Use the Index panel to locate topics based on index words. Forward and backward buttons navigate through recently viewed topics.

You can find more information about the QuickHelp for Mac release at the Excel Software Web site. QuickHelp is available for US$195.00.