Excel Software Upgrades Database Tools

Excel Software has released a new version of its popular MacA&D modeling tool. This new release allows database designers working with Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix and Interbase to quickly generate logical and physical data models and generate the SQL code.According to Excel:

Logical data models often use expressive names and various presentation options to communicate information between developers. The names of database objects like tables, views and columns are typically more constrained in physical data models. MacA&D allows designers to easily toggle between logical and physical models and show tables with full attribute lists, primary and foreign keys only or customized to show specific attributes.

MacA&D?s namespace concept now supports data modeling, SQL code generation and reengineering of different database schemas. Namespaces simplify team development, enable powerful organizational and reporting tools, partition complex systems and map design elements to specific SQL schemas.

MacA&D runs on MacOS 7.0 or later. It comes in four product editions; Standard $495, Desktop $1295, Educational $845 and Developer $1995. Contact Excel for site license and upgrade prices. You can find more information at the Excel Software web site.