Expand & Enhance iTunes 4 With New/Updated iTunes AppleScripts

With the release of iTunes, Appleis music management app has been more popular than ever. With that popularity has come support from the Mac developer community with new tools and Web sites to help Mac users get more out of iTunes. Dougis AppleScripts has posted several new AppleScripts for use with the app, including Scripts that perform such functions as updating CD track names, modifying ID3 tags, exporting track artwork, and more. From Dougis AppleScripts:

Dougis AppleScripts for iTunes has posted several new and updated AppleScripts for iTunes 4 in the past two weeks, all free to download:

Copy Track Info to CD Tracks: Update CD Track info with corresponding user-edited MP3 track info.

Append to Selected Artists Names: Append user-entered text to beginning of each selected tracksi artist tag

AMG Scripts: Search the All Music Guide site based on various track data.

Export Artwork: Export track artwork to chosen location.

Import Selected iPod Tracks 1.3 [updated]: Import selected files from iPod.

iTunes Web Infohound v1.2.4 [updated]: Search various music sites.

Quick Convert [updated]: Convert selected tracks with any encoder on the fly.

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Dougis AppleScripts for iTunes are freely downloadable from the Dougis AppleScripts page.