Expanded Language Support For ConceptDraw

Computer Systems Odessa Corp. has released updates for ConceptDraw Standard and Professional, bringing them to versions 1.7.5. ConceptDraw is a cross-platform diagramming app designed for use by IT and technical professionals. The updates feature expanded language support. According to Computer Systems Odessa:

Computer Systems Odessa Corp.,today announced the availability of ConceptDraw (Standard and Professional) version 1.7.5. ConceptDraw is a cross-platform flowcharting and diagramming software package for Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows.

ConceptDraw 1.7.5 adds a variety of new and improved features and content to help users to fully utilize the potential of their brain. Enhancements include export to PDF, improved work of DXF and EPS. The current version also features enhanced OS X compatibility, such as working with wheel mouse and interface changes. More flexibility can be found in the Outline format, Stamp tool is improved.

You can find more information about the ConceptDraw updates at the Computer Systems Odessa Corp. Web site. ConceptDraw Professional is available for US$249.00, and the Standard version is US$125.00.