Experiment #137 (Coke + Mentos = Fun)

Did you know that the results of a recent study done by the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio showed that people who drink lots of diet soda actually gain more weight than those who drink regular pop?

The study results are not common knowledge else there be store shelves full of diet soda collecting dust, waiting...

Did you also know that if you drop a Mentos candy ("...the fresh maker") into a glass of diet cola, like Diet Coke perhaps, the candy and soda will react, causing a huge amount of foam?

Wait a minute... lots of Diet Coke, lots of Mentos, a video camera, and lots of time..., that sure sounds as if it could be this installment of A Cool Waste of Time.

Experiment #137

Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz have discovered the joys of combining the aforementioned ingredients and are presenting vids of their experiments on their Web site, EepyBird.com.

Be amazed as 10 bottles are "performed live" in Experiment #10, but the piece de resistance is Experiment #137, which has to be seen to be believed.

After you are done with the vids, stick around the site and read the iHow Does It Work?i page for an explanation of the Diet Coke/Mentos reaction.

Itis not hard to think that the folks over at Coca Cola never imagined that their product would be put to such an artistic endeavor.?

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