Exploiting MacFuse with a Supercomputer

Gaining access to remote files that are normally only available via SSH, such as the output from cluster computations, using MacFuse was described by Dr. Drew McCormak at MacResearch.org on Monday. The technique involves "mounting" files from a remote system that will appear in the Mac OS X Finder as a mounted volume after MacFuse is installed and the proper mount command is issued.

MacFuse is a software tool from Googleis Amit Singh that allows Mac OS X to access foreign file systems and was described recently here at TMO.

The posting provided technical details about how to use MacFuse to mount files from a supercomputer utilizing the SSHFS protocol, a file system based on SSH. However, the technique has wide applicability and can even be extended to, for example, RSS feeds.

Dr. McCormak is a theoretical chemist at the Free University, Amsterdam.