Export Your iTunes Library To An HTML Page With MacZ Software's phptunest

If youive ever wanted to create a Web site featuring your music collection, this may be just the script for you. MacZ Softwareis phptunest will read your iTunes Music Library and export a nicely formatted HTML table with only the columns you want, based on the music in your library. The resulting page can be static or read from a MySQL database, and can even have gzip compression enabled to prevent long lists from becoming too large of a download. From MacZ Software:

phptunest is a script written in PHP, which converts your?iTunes Music library from XML format to nice HTML table. It allows you to customize the resulting HTML page in many ways and has few nice features:

  • Use your own CSS styles to change the look of HTML page
  • Sort your song library with any visible column(s)
  • Include only those columns you want
  • Supports gzip compression (with compatible browsers), so long lists wonit be a problem
  • Works with or without MySQL backend. Using MySQL saves a lot of memory and makes phptunest more efficient
  • Can write output data into static HTML file
  • Completely free and open source

Changes in version 0.9:

  • MySQL backend support
  • Option to write output into static html file
  • PHP 4.3 no longer required (should work on PHP 4.1 and later)
  • Sorting by several columns (primary, secondary, etc) and by ascending/descending order
  • Better formatting of values in size column
  • Support for extended charset (iso-8859-1)
  • Converts special HTML charaters
  • Speed optimizations
  • Memory optimizations (MySQL-enabled parsing requires constant amount of memory, while ram-based parsing requires linear amount when XML file size grows)

MacZ Softwareis phptunest is available now. It is free, and open source.