Extracting a CD or DVD From Your Mac

Usually your Mac knows exactly what to do when you eject a CD or DVD, but occasionally a disc will disappear from your Desktop and you canit get it back out of your computer. Luckily, there are a couple of tricks you can try to extract those stubborn discs.

The Easy Way

  • Restart your Mac.
  • After you hear the startup chime, press and hold your mouse button.
  • Release the mouse button once the disc ejects.

Hold down your mouse or trackpad button at startup to eject a CD or DVD.

The Not-as-easy Way
If the easy way doesnit work, you can try using the driveis manual eject button. Depending on your Mac model, the manual eject button can show up most anyplace on the front of the drive mechanism. If you have a slot-loading drive, the button sits just off to the side of the actual disk slot - inside the bezel opening on your computer case. Youill have to carefully push back the felt dust guard to see it.

For slot-loading Macs, just press the button with the end of a straightened paper clip. For tray-loading Macs, it takes a couple more steps.

  • Start by shutting down your Mac. If you try this with the power on, you will damage your Combo Drive or SuperDrive.
  • Pull open the drive tray door.
  • Look for the small hole on the front of the drive.
  • Press into the hole with a straightened paper clip.
  • Once the tray slides out about half an inch, you can pull it open with your fingers.
  • Remove the disc from the tray.
  • When you restart your Mac, the drive tray will close.

Use the not-as-easy method only as a last resort, and if you arenit comfortable poking paper clips into your Mac, schedule a visit at your local Apple Store Genius Bar.

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