EyeTV For Leopard Adds Cover Flow, Quick Look and More

Elgato announced the immediate availability of EyeTV 2.5.1 which supports the following Leopard technologies: Cover Flow, Quick Look, iChat and Spaces.

The enhacements were described by Elgato as follows:

Cover Flow - Finder windows in Leopard offer a fourth display view option, Cover Flow, analogous to the feature in iTunes. With Cover Flow a user can quickly navigate and comfortably browse through all items in a folder. Television shows recorded with EyeTV, which are stored in the "EyeTV Archive" folder on the Macintosh hard drive, are now browseable using Cover Flow.

Quick Look - The new Quick Look functionality in Leopard enables users to view and browse through a fileis contents in the Finder, even at full screen, with one click of the mouse in the Cover Flow window. EyeTV 2.5.1 supports Quick Look, and EyeTV recordings can easily be started and played back from the Finder.*

iChat - iChat in Leopard features screen sharing. Participants in a chat session can simultaneously view presentations, videos, and other files. With EyeTV 2.5.1, EyeTV recordings are integrated into video chats, featuring playback controls and the possibility to add oneis own audio commentary.*

Spaces - In Leopard, software applications that are dedicated to certain tasks can be grouped into their own Space. In EyeTV 2.5.1, playback windows for live television and recordings can be set to float across all defined Spaces, so that they are visible even when switching between environments.

*requires configuring a preference in EyeTV to automatically prepare new recordings for Wi-Fi Access.

The EyeTV software, in combination with the EyeTV 250 plus hardware, allows the user to watch over-the-air analog and HDTV, record it, and operate the Mac as a DVR.

The update is free and will be available the next time EyeTV is launched.