Eye Patches And Wooden Legs: ARR! Now Shipping

VendorNation.com has released a new app for Mac gamers, ARR! 1.0 ARR! is an arcade styled game set on the high seas. Players accumulate riches by destroying opponents ships, all the while competing against the clock. According to VendorNation.com:

VendorNation.com is proud to announce the release of an all new game for OS X; ARR! 1.0! This swash buckling strategy game is the perfect casual experience.

The object of Arr! is simple; collect as many doubloons as you can by destroying enemy ships. But donit forget about a pirateis worst enemy (outside of scurvy), the clock!

With each successful raid, the other territories become more aware of your reputation, and you will have less time to complete your raid.

Will you go down in history as another Blackbeard, or will you walk the plank down to Davy Jonesis locker? Send up the Jolly Roger and heave away!

You can find more information about ARR! at the VendorNation Web site. ARR! is available for US$20.00.