FBX For Quicktime Unveiled At Macworld

Kaydara Inc. has released a new app from Macworld, FBX for Quicktime. FBX is a Quicktime component designed for the realtime viewing of 3D content from animation apps. FBX ships with support for realtime interaction and is cross-platform compatible. According to Kaydara:

Kaydara Inc., a leading developer of 3D animation software, today announced from Macworld Expo 2003 the immediate availability of FBX for QuickTime, a free real-time viewing solution that supports content from any major 3D package.

Based on Kaydarais FBX format, a royalty-free 3D authoring and interchange format, FBX for QuickTime allows producers and artists to easily visualize and sign off on 3D content using QuickTime.

By adding the FBX component to QuickTime, content creators have a completely new way to work with high-end 3D and no longer need to rely on an individual application for their 3D project review or transport.

You can find more information about FBX for Quicktime at the Kaydara Inc. Web site. FBX for Quicktime is available as freeware.