FCP Plug-Ins From Joe Maller

Joe Maller has released an update for Joeis Filters, bringing it to version 3.0. Joeis Filters are Final Cut Pro plug-in filters designed to extend beyond the standard FCP filter palette. The update includes several new filters including Time Bender and Level adjustments. According to Joe Maller:

Joe Maller has updated Joeis Filters for Final Cut Pro, now including 24 new and updated plugins with unique effects and faster tools.

Joeis Filters make Final Cut Pro faster and easier to work with. The set of 24 plugins helps to simplify the timeline, reduces dependence on multiple video tracks and doubles the speed of common film look techniques. Many new filters are the result of feedback and suggestions from Final Cut Pro users.

Some highlights of the set include:

  • Joeis De-Interlacer - Twice as fast as FCPis de-interlace plugin, plus optional field doubling and fade with original
  • Joeis Time Bender - Flexible time re-mapping in FCP, clips can change speed gradually as they play. One of the most requested features for Final Cut Pro
  • Joeis Levels - Still the best Levels adjustment available for Final Cut Pro. Targets RGB and YUV channels for maximum versatility
  • Joeis Soft Effects - The popular Joeis Soft Spot is now joined by ellipses and geometric shapes which can be rotated, skewed and framed. These tools are also great for fast and clean Picture-in-Picture effects
  • Joeis Blur Effects - Now with RGB and YUV channel targeting controls, these filters can significantly improve the quality of FCP3is new Chroma-keyer for DV compositing

Joeis Filters are written in FXScript, Final Cut Prois native effects language. Because of this, the filters work in both the RGB or YUV color spaces and take advantage of all QuickTime and multiprocessor acceleration built into Final Cut Pro.

You can find more information about the Joeis Filters update at the Joe Maller Web site. Joeis Filters for Final Cut Pro 3.0 is available for US$95.00.