FILTERiT4 Bundled With Lightning Images

CValley has announced that they will be bundling the Flashmuseum Lightning set with their popular Adobe Illustrator plug-in, FILTERiT. FILTERiT4 allows users to perform a wide array of transformations on their Illustrator files, from distortion to 3D effects. According to CValley:

CValley, Inc. announced that FILTERiT4, an Adobe Illustrator plug-in and the first of the Flashmuseum series, "Lightning", a stunning collection of Lightning images will be offered to customers as a bundle for $149.95. That is a saving of $48. This bundle offer will be available as of May 1st, 2001.

FILTERiT4 provides a wide variety of options, from simple distortion to 3D Transform. With 3D Transform filters, your objects can be transformed into spheres, spirals, donuts, or cylinders with just a click of the mouse. Preparing images for Web animation is made simple with the Trace option. This option also lets you produce motion blur effects by using Illustrator 9.0is transparency capability.

FILTERiT4 features:

  • 3D Transform
  • Create images for animation(Trace Option)
  • Fractalize
  • 13 LIVE effects including Live Cutout(new!)
  • Enables to work on artwork directly(except for 3D Transform)

Lightning information
This photo CD consists of 100 lightning patterns that were designed by special effects design artists MANUALLY!! A CG software could not possibly make the same images with the same impact and they are all royalty-free! It could take a good amount of time trying to create these images on your own but it is already here for you to use. You can sample some of the images on our web site at

These images could be used by themselves, but you could combine the images to original picture to give a little punch. The lightning image could be used in the background as shown in the web site.

You can find more information about FILTERiT4, and the new bundle, at the CValley Web site.