NATIVE INSTRUMENTS has released a Mac version of FM7. FM7 is an FM synthesizer designed to read and alter classic synth sound libraries. The app ships with distortion and modulation capabilities as well as more available options than the traditional FM architecture. According to NATIVE INSTRUMENTS:

The Mac version of the FM7 is shipping! We are now able to provide you with NFR copies of this exceptional FM synthesizer.

With the FM7, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS revives the legendary sounds of FM synthesis. The FM7 takes the legendary sound of FM synthesis to a new level - not only does the FM7 read the complete sound library from the classic FM synths, but it goes far beyond emulation. It adds distortion and filter operators, extensive modulation capabilities, a comprehensive effects section, audio input and much more to the traditional FM architecture. The user interface of the FM7 makes it comfortable and easy to explore the fascinating new possibilities of FM - Native style.

You can find more information about FM7 at the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Web site. FM7 is available for US$299.00.