NATIVE INSTRUMENTS has released a n update for FM7, bringing it to version 1.1. FM7 is an FM synthesizer designed to read and alter classic synth sound libraries. The update contains new user functions and performance emhancements. According to NATIVE INSTRUMENTS:

The FM7 1.1 update is now available on our Website.

The new version comes with a variety of new functions and improvements.

The Envelopes of the Operators can be synchronized to each other and the Tempo Sync Delay Time can be set to dotted note values. The Randomize function has been improved and the FM7 is equipped with a new Pitchbend mode. In addition, the FM7 now accepts standard MIDI SysEx 128-note Microtuning (MT) data and Yamaha V50 SysEx Voice data, and under Cubase 5.1 the VST-plugin can now also receive SysEx.

You can find more information about the FM7 update at the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Web site. FM7 1.1 is available for US$299.00.