FM SOUNDS VOL. 1 Now Shipping

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is now shipping FM7 SOUNDS VOL. 1. FM7 SOUNDS is a 256 preset sound library designed for sound engineers and musicians. The FM7 ships ready for integration into FM sound synthesizers. According to NATIVE INSTRUMENTS:

We are proud to announce that the FM7 SOUNDS VOL.1 is now shipping.

FM7 SOUNDS VOL.1 includes 256 presets providing a vast range from crystalline pads and powerful percussion to innovative synths and looped sequences. The sound spectrum of this outstanding library goes far beyond that of traditional FM synthesis.

The presets have been developed by professional sound designers and were specially designed to benefit from the powerful sound synthesis abilities of this highly advanced FM synthesizer.

You can find more information about FM7 SOUNDS VOL. 1 at the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Web site. FM7 SOUNDS VOL. 1 is available for US$49.00.