FM Sounds VOL. 2 Now Shipping

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is now shipping FM7 Sounds Volume 2. FM7 Sounds is a 256 preset sound library designed for sound engineers and musicians. The FM7 ships with new presets and new sounds. According to NATIVE INSTRUMENTS:

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS announces FM7 Sounds Volume 2.

FM7 Sounds Volume 2 is a new collection of sounds for NI´s award-winning FM7 software synthesizer. Produced by renowned sound designers, this outstanding sound library delivers 256 new presets which effectively showcase the supreme sonic potential of the FM7.

FM7 Sounds Volume 2 takes the advanced FM synthesis of the FM7 to new heights with expressive and highly playable lead sounds, bass, organ, e-piano, pads, atmospheres, effects, percussion, bells and much more material that defies categorization. The library makes extensive use of the FM7´s modulation and tempo sync capabilities.

You can find more information about FM7 Sounds Volume 2 at the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Web site. FM7 Sounds Volume 2 is available for US$49.00.