FM Transmitter For New iPods To Ship In July

Griffin Technology, Inc. has announced iTrip support for the new iPods released from Apple. The iTrip is a an iPod add-on device designed for transmitting FM frequencies. The device is battery independent and features support for the entire FM radio band. According to Griffin Technology:

Griffin Technology Inc, innovator of exciting hardware and software products for the Mac and PC market, today announced the iTrip FM Transmitter for new iPods recently released by Apple.

The new iTrip joins the original iTrip as one of the hottest iPod accessories in the world. The iTrip has attracted a great deal of attention for its iPod exclusive features like unlimited station frequencies and its battery-free iPod mating design.

The new iTrip is even lighter and shares the entire list of award winning features of the original.

You can find more information about iTrip at the Griffin Technology, Inc. Web site. iTrip for new iPods will be shipping July 21st for US$35.00.