FODOR Updates Flash AV Players With XML Enhancements

FODOR M.I.B. Inc. has released an update for Flash AV Players, bringing it to version 2.3. Flash AV Players is a utility designed for video and audio file playing. The update improves XML functions and fixes several bugs. According to FODOR M.I.B:

FODOR M.I.B. Inc today released Flash AV Players version 2.3, a Flash application that broadcasts MP3, SWF (Audio and Video) and JPEG files by loading playlists in XML format.

Flash AV Players, beside the new MP3 feature, has also navigation and sound controls (across tracks AND playlists), preloading according to connection speed, crossfade of movies, adding of backgrounds and comments...

Flash AV Players is for every Website designed to broadcast over the Internet. The best part about Flash AV Players is its skinable and INTER-VISION ready interface.

Features of 2.3:

  • XML playlist format is now database ready (beetween others, this implies that PLAYLIST and TRACK tags support ID attributes)
  • XML errors are reported by the player and the XML generator (for testing purpose)
  • Gained flexibility in XML format (more error friendly)
  • Fixed a restart bug (specialy when the HTML page was hosting the player from a different domain)
  • The players can open in playlist mode if specified in their hosting HTML page (playlist=true)
  • MP3 improvements
  • The offline variable for MP3 is no more required in playlists. The player can now tell by itself if it is working online / with online files or local files
  • Fixed a playlist display bug occuring with skins using embed fonts
  • Fixed a swap bug in the generator
  • Fixed a progress bar bug in the miniplayer skin
  • Fixed a cursor bar bug in the cdplayer skin

You can find more information about the Flash AV Players 2.3 update at the FODOR M.I.B. Inc. Web site. Flash AV Players 2.3 is available as tipware.