FRS Money Math Update Features Minor Interface Mods

Fast Rabbit Software has released an update for FRS Money Math, bringing it to version 1.1. FRS Money Math is a learning aide designed for educators introducing students to the adding and subtractung monetary problems. The update features minor interface mods. According to Fast Rabbit Software:

FRS Money Math is a fun and easy to use tool to aide students in learning to identify, total, add, and subtract money. FRS Money Math features eleven specific drills and digital speech feedback through Appleis Speech Manager software.

Whatis new in version 1.1:

  • Program title added to Quit menu item
  • Program now uses Geneva as main display font (Mac OS X standard) rather than Charcoal (Mac OS 9 standard)
  • OK and Continue buttons now respond to RETURN key press. Previously they had to be clicked

You can find more information about FRS Money Math update at the Fast Rabbit Software Web site. FRS Money Math is available for US$12.95.