FRS Time Tracker Pro 1.0 Now Shipping

Fast Rabbit Software has released a new app for Mac users, FRS Time Tracker Pro 1.0. FRS Time Tracker Pro is a utiulity designed for tracking spent time on projects and activities. The app features support for multiple jobs and detailed histories. According to Fast Rabbit Software:

FRS Time Tracker Pro version 1.0 for Mac OS X Now Available.

FRS Time Tracker Pro is an easy to use utility to assist business, teachers, students, and parents in tracking the amount of time spent on various projects and activities.

FRS Time Tracker Pro allows tracking of multiple jobs, records total amount of time you spend on a job, and keeps a history of each time you worked on each job. An overview job list or detailed job history complete with notes and document trailer may be printed for billing or record keeping purposes.

You can find more information about FRS Time Tracker Pro at the Fast Rabbit Software Web site. FRS Time Tracker Pro is available for US$19.95.

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