FTP Suite 3.3 Features Directory Listing

Pyramid Designs has released an update for FTP Suite, bringing it to version 3.3. FTP Suite is a REALbasic development toolset designed as a set of classes and code modules for REALbasic implementation. The update features directory listing support and other enhancements. According to Pyramid Designs:

Pyramid Design announced the release of FTP Suite 3.3, an upgrade to the companyis FTP solution for REALbasic applications.

New 3.2 Features:

  • Directory Listings – Directory Listings now displays invisible files and directories
  • CancelFTPSession – The use of EndFTPSession is depreciated. Developers should use CancelFTPSession instead which will always disconnect for both Commands and Sequences
  • Large (> 8-10Mb) files are no longer truncated when downloaded
  • Large (>40-50 lines) directory listings are no longer truncated

You can find more information about the latest FTP Suite update at the Pyramid Designs Web site. FTP Suite 3.3 is free for registered users, while the full version is available starting at US$9.95.