FTP Suite Updated With New Directory Features

Pyramid Designs has released an update for FTP Suite, bringing it to version 1.1. FTP Suite is a REALbasic development toolset designed as a set of classes and code modules for REALbasic implementation. The update features several new features including directory structure transfers and bug fixes. According to Pyramid Designs:

Pyramid Designs, a software development firm, announces an update to FTP Suite, a set of classes and code modules
that allows FTP operations to be implemented in REALbasic applications.

Release 1.1 of FTP Suite adds the following new features:

  • Get Directory - Transfers all the content from a server directory and copies the entire directory structure to the local machine
  • Get Directory List - Returns a list of all the files and subdirectories in a given server directory, storing it in a global property, DirectoryFileList
  • End FTP Session - Stops the current FTP transfer sequence as soon as possible
  • FTPTransferDone - A global Boolean property that is set to true when an FTP session ends, either as planned or if interrupted by calling EndFTPSession
  • Configurable Transfer Type - allows the transfers to be in Binary or ASCII format
  • It also includes a bug fix to prevent directory transfers to NT servers from causing an FTP error

You can find more information about the FTP Suite update at the Pyramid Designs Web site. FTP Suite 1.1 is free for registered users, while the full professional version is available for US$59.95.