FUNDimensions Updates Fundraising Software To Version 4.7.1

FUNDimensions has updated its fundraising software to version 4.7.1. The new version fixes bugs and improves the user interface. From FUNDimensions:

Version 4.7.1 of FUNDimensions Fundraising Software is now available for Windows, Mac OS 9, and Mac OS X. This is a list of the bug fixes:

  • Improve dialog window text and options in duplicate detection during data entry.
  • Fix printing not working when Output > Print Graph is selected in the Memberships by Geography, Donations by Geography and Pledges by Geography graphs.
  • Change behavior when close box is clicked in input windows: unless its a privilege violation or read-only database, just close the window, saving if necessary. Only interrupt the process if there is something invalid in the record, or the user does not have the privileges to save a new or modified record, or the database is read-only.
  • Fix failure to stop quitting when something invalid was found with an open or new record.
  • Fix Escape key did not cancel Relationship Input Window.
  • Fix Browse level could create new records from Records > New in donor module.
  • Fix wrong error message when attempting to delete relationship at Browse level.
  • Improve text of error message when no key is attached and demo limit exceeded.
  • Fix Show All menu command not available in Keyword and Relationship list views after the first new keyword or relationship of a session was created.

FUNDimensions 4.7.1 is available now for Windows, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. A free demo is available.