FairPlay Releases Musician's Toolkit For Releasing Music Under "Shareware" Model [Correcte

[Correction: Our original report said that FairPlay was providing the payment engine for musicians in its FairPlay musicians toolkit. In reality, the service encourages musicians to use Kagi, the software shareware payment service, for payments. The following text has been corrected to reflect this.

Bryan Chaffin

FairPlay, the fledgling "shareware for music" service, has put the finishing touches on its toolkit for musicians, and posted it on the FairPlay Web site. Musicians wishing to use the FairPlay service need only download the toolkit and follow the simple instructions.

For those of you who donit know, FairPlay is a music service dreamt up by musician Jade Leary. The service allows musicians to bypass established avenues of music publication and offer their song directly to the music loving public. The music is then effectively put on the market as "shareware" music, with FairPlay suggesting that musicians use Kagi for the payment engine for paying for the shareware licenses. This allows musicians to bypass the labels for music distribution, while still being able to collect money for their creations.

Music makers and music lovers should pay FairPlay a visit. For more information on FairPlay, be sure to check out TMOis recent interview with FairPlayis founder, Jade Leary.